Better Presentations Series:
Quick Fixes To Improve Impact

This Live Online Course, Teamed With Post Course Distance Coaching, Will Help You Create A Path To Continual Improvement Of Your Presentations.

$99 – One Hour Webinar April 18th

In this workshop you will become a more confident, engaging and prepared presenter. Whether you do short talks, hour long presentations or train all day, this course will help you improve your presentation skills. No magic bullets, just practical stuff you need when you are preparing or presenting your talk. This course will help you if you’re new to presenting or have some experience. Down to earth, practical ideas, designed and presented by a speaker with thousands of talks under his belt over 27 years of public speaking and training.

This course includes a post course review of a video of one of you presentations.

By combining distance learning and distance coaching you will learn it, do it and receive feedback. An efficient and effective choice for your improvement path.

  • Attend our live
    online training course.

  • Afterward, send us a video of
    one of your presentations.

  • I will review your video and provide you with
    feedback on how to improve.


  • Learn To Enjoy Giving Presentations

  • Better Presentation Evaluations

  • Lot’s Of Happy Attendees

  • Give More Impactful Presentations

  • Present With More Cofidence