Better Presentations Series

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Attendance Includes Coaching Feedback On One Of Your Own Presentations

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Live Online Training

Training Webinars That Can Be Viewed On Any Device.

Long Distance Coaching

Improve Your Public Speaking Skills Without Leaving The Office

Practical Training

No Magic Bullets. Just Practical Training To Help You Improve.

Live Online Presentation Training And Distance Coaching

In this workshop you will become a more confident, engaging and prepared presenter. Whether you do short talks, hour long presentations or train all day, this course will help you improve your presentation skills. No magic bullets, just practical stuff you need when you are preparing or presenting your talk. This course will help you if you’re new to presenting or have some experience. Down to earth, practical ideas, designed and presented by a speaker with thousands of talks under his belt over 27 years of public speaking.

Distance Coaching

This public speaker course includes a unique feature, distance coaching. You will send us an audio or video of your talk and I will send you a feedback on how you might improve. Training and coaching and you don’t have to leave your office.

By combining distance learning and distance coaching you will learn it, do it and receive feedback. An efficient and effective choice for your improvement path.

  • Attend our live
    online training.

  • Afterward send us a video of
    one of your presentations.

  • I will review your video and provide you
    with feedback on how to improve.


About the Instructor


Daryn Lewellyn

I love public speaking and feel honored every time I get a chance to speak. The public speaker training I do is an attempt to share what I have learned during the past 27 years. In 1993 I started a seminar company, which I ran for 20 years. We presented over 2,000 seminars per year to mostly Fortune 500 companies. Before selling that company I learned a lot about training and coaching speakers. The best part of the course is the coaching. After the class, attendees can send in their presentations, and I give constructive criticism on how you can improve. You would be surprised how helpful this is to someone trying to improve as a public speaker.

Customer Testimonials

When I found out Daryn started a new company coaching others how to improve their public speaking, I immediately contacted him .  He spent several hours reviewing some of my presentations and actually attended one live. He taught me how to provide a better presentation through coaching me and developing my skill level.    The instruction he provided has proven to be extremely valuable.  There is no doubt that I intend to continue seeking his guidance.

Lonnie Bedwell, National Geographic Adventurer of The Year, Navy Veteran.

As a professional trainer I have been speaking publicly for well over a decade – Daryn delivers his message with a mix of humor and personal stories highlighting common presenter and presentation mistakes. I was able to immediately implement a number of Daryn’s recommendations and I believe provided a better presentation for my audience.

Derek Sang, QSSP, IASHEP (CSHET, CSHEP), Technical Training Manager, Bulwark Protective Apparel

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